Friday, March 27, 2009

61. Get fitted for running shoes

Friday, March 27, 2009
So I've participated in 4 races and a walk so far in my life (2 x Race for the cure, 2 x Shamrock 8k, March of Dimes walk), and I've worn the same running shoes for all of those races. In every single one of those races, my toes & my shins were in SO much pain afterwards! So nearly 3 years later, I FINALLY get fitted for proper running shoes! YAY! The BF and I went to the ever-famous Running, Etc. in Ghent this evening to get fitted for shoes. Things have changed there since the first time I went with my BFF KCB years ago - they have a treadmill now, with video! Let me just say, it was weird watching my own feet on the TV while I did my jog on the treadmill. It turns out that I have a normal gait while running (the BF turned out to be a bit over-pronated). So John at Running, Etc recommended a couple of pairs of shoes in the "Neutral" section. I ended up getting these:

Asics Gel-Cumulus 10

Thank goodness for proper running shoes! I totally felt the difference from my old running shoes to my new ones. My new shoes are a size and a half bigger than my previous shoes! Who would have thought? :p I'm happy with my purchase and am excited to break them in during my next race tomorrow - the Bellator Wounded Warriors 5k. I'm praying for a smooth run without the aching toes & shins afterwards! :)


mama phillips said...

GIRL! I'm so happy you got fitted! You should feel hardly any pain now that you have "properly" fitting running shoes, silly! :) And YAY for Running, Etc and YAY for Asics!!! :)

Sheila said...

You would not believe the shock on my face after getting home from the race! No more sore shins & toes! haha... I'm so happy I got them - why didn't I go sooner? :p

Bev said...

cool.. how much were ur shoes.. i want some fitted ones! do u pay more to get them fitted or do you just buy the shoe that they just recommend for you! =)

Sheila said...

My shoes were about $90. You just pay for the shoes. They do the consultation for free and they are so helpful!

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