Thursday, June 25, 2009

57, 58 & 59. Organize clothes, shoes & purses; purge & donate

Thursday, June 25, 2009
Since Taylor & I are in the process of moving - and into a smaller place, for that matter - we decided it would be an opportune time to start organizing and purging our closets & dressers. Had I known it was going to take 3 nights, I would have saved it for the weekend instead of doing it during the week! :p All-in-all, we came up with 8 33-gallon garbage bags full of clothes! Amazing what we stuffed into our individual closets and even more amazing that we kept clothes we haven't worn in over a year (or more!)... It definitely felt relieving knowing we got rid of so many clothes because we'll be sharing a walk-in closet at our new place as opposed to spoiling ourselves with individual closets at our current residence. Here are some pix - brace yourselves! :p

Here are the 8 garbage bags full of clothes :p All of these bags will be donated, as well as whatever I don't sell in the next pic

These are the clothes I'm going to let my sister peruse thru first, and whatever she doesn't want, I'm going to try & sell at Plato's closet :)

The right side of my closet - Most of the stuff on the top, I'm going to fold & keep in my dresser which is mostly empty now that I've purged!

And here's the left side of my closet - a couple of my jackets & dresses... I really don't have many clothes left now! :p


Laur said...

Yay...I love getting rid of stuff! Ok, I know you're closet is already organized and you are totally gonna joke me because I'm such a "As Seen on TV" junkie but you gotta try Wonder Hangers for the left side of your closet!!! Haha...I swear You'll love it

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