Saturday, August 22, 2009

89. Watch 50 movies on the IMDB Top 250 Movies of all Time list (3/50)

Saturday, August 22, 2009
Who knew! I was just checking the list today to see what movies I can watch to get this list going, and Up and Star Trek made it to the list - both of which I've already seen in the theater...

I went and saw Up with my sister & my niece... What a great family movie! There were some sad parts though, and I knew my niece was upset because she got up from her seat and sat on my lap for the sad parts... But all in all, it was a great film and I'd see it again!

I've already posted about Star Trek since I got to see the sneak preview for free! It was awesomely action-packed and the sci-fi geek in me loved it!

So I think I'm going to try & see The Hangover sometime soon - it's been out FOREVER, and the BF & I are probably the last people to see it! :p


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