Wednesday, April 8, 2009

36. Get a laptop

Wednesday, April 8, 2009
Working for LTS definitely had some perks - I was able to build my own super-powered desktop PC which I still use and love. It's like my picture & music server with over 600GB of hard drive space (sorry - the geek in me is about to come out :p)... I was even lucky enough to get a laptop... but it was slightly used and after a couple of months using it, it burned out on me. I vowed at that time to get a replacement because my desktop was SO huge and it held so much priceless data for me that I didn't want to use it for my regular internet browsing. I just wanted it to be THERE. But I didn't want to spend $700-$1000 on a laptop that I just used to surf the web and update my blog and I waited and waited and waited for some awesome sale, but that never came!

One day at work, my team was assigned to setting up some Dell Mini Netbooks for our admissions staff, and I instantly fell in love with them at first site! They're cute & small and are exactly what I needed - an internet laptop! Plus you can get them in all kinds of colors, and a built-in webcam for Skype-ing... So I did some research on the Dell Minis and the BF and I decided to buy one for the each of us!

Taylor settled on a Mini with a blue sticker design
and I of course, had to get a PINK one!

with a matching pink wireless mouse

I'm quite happy with my purchase. The keyboard takes a little getting used to, but it's definitely nice to be able to be completely lazy once in a while and sit in front of the TV with my laptop :)


Mindyb said...

Hey you! I have fallen in love with my laptop as well but I had to make a rule. I'm not allowed to take mine to the bed with me. That stupid thing sucks me in and I'm up forever if I do it!


grace said...

the pink one is cute ;o)

Karen: said...

How cuuuute! I love it.

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