Tuesday, April 7, 2009

6. Ride a Tandem Bike and 65. Go to the Smithsonian Museums in DC

Tuesday, April 7, 2009
So I was super excited that my sister and her BF wanted to plan a little family trip up to DC... Not only were we going to see 2 of the Smithsonian Museums, we were going to rent bikes to ride around the National Mall area! At that point, I thought it would only be right to rent a tandem bike! Not only were they super cool, I got the BF to do all the pedaling while I just sat back & enjoyed the scenery! :p

Here's a pic of Taylor and I getting ready to ride off on our bikes

Let me just say, once you figure out how to actually GO on these things, it is really a lot of fun! The BF and I definitely had a routine set up and it was smooth sailing from there. The weather on Sunday was absolutely fantastic, so riding bikes through National Mall was perfect! We did have issues finding bike racks (can you believe that?), but once that got settled, all was ok.

So we set off to the National Mall area to check out the museums. The BF is SO into History, so our first stop was the National Museum of American History.

He had such a field day in there, constantly blessing my sister & I with little facts about famous American wars & their heroes, etc. He knows so much and I love it! I think he took more pictures in this museum than I did - but here are a few:

Taylor and Abraham Lincoln

Here's my sis with a piece of the Berlin Wall

and here's Taylor with the Medal of Honor

We also went to the Museum of Natural History, but I'll stop with the pictures... I took over 150 pics this weekend and the purpose of photo albums is to share them all at once! Click HERE for more pictures.

All in all, it was a fabulous weekend. I had such a great time and I highly recommend renting bikes! I will definitely use the Tandem bike again! :)


grace said...

OMG what a great idea! I'm totally going to sucker yohan into riding a tandem bike...hopefully he'll do all the work like taylor ;o)

Pamela Sue said...

I wish me & chris could've tried the tandem bike - what were we thinking?! haha. but it was definitely a fun trip! =)

Karen: said...

Woohoo! Looks so fun and I looove museums, too. I'll have to plan a trip up there for when Joel gets home. I'll pump you for details next time. :P

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