Saturday, May 2, 2009

17. Host an outdoor BBQ

Saturday, May 2, 2009
I have been completely slacking on this thing and I totally forgot I hosted an outdoor BBQ at my place for Taylor & my birthdays!

It was Easter Sunday, so not everyone could make it - but the weather was nice & cool and it was perfect for some Easter egg hunting as well!

Here are some pix...

We had burgers, dogs, an AMAZING homemade pork BBQ (thanks Colleen!), potato salad, cole slaw and even some pancit & egg rolls!

Taylor did an awesome job on the grill...

And my girls had an extremely successful egg hunt in our back yard!

And lastly, we had a GREAT ice cream cake!

Too bad we only had Taylor's birthday candles... but it doesn't matter, I could be 27 again! :p I appreciated everyone that was able to make it out... more pix are on my Picasa site.


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