Tuesday, May 5, 2009

29. Have a dinner-and-a-movie date with Taylor once a week for a month (4/4)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009
Woohoo! This one is done... I am pretty lucky when it comes to winning sneak preview tix, and I have to thank the Virginian Pilot for giving me the chance to enter contest to win these things... I won tix to see Star Trek before it is released on Friday. So Taylor came out to ODU to pick me up and we headed to MacArthur mall... We decided to eat dinner at Johnny Rockets before the movie - my first time ever eating there! The bacon cheeseburger I got was quite tasty! We waited in line for about an hour (as we do everytime there's a sneak preview), but it was so worth it... The movie had a great plot, the effects were AMAZING, and they managed to sneak some comedy in it as well... I'd see it again!

Here's a pic of my ticket...

Go out and see it if you get the chance!


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